Preparing for 52 Weeks of Art projects for My Toddlers

First, I decided to start planning art projects to do during the week. I thought one project a week for the year was achievable. Kids often start school lacking skills like how to use scissors, glue or pencils if they’ve had limited exposure as toddlers. Being creative is also a fun way to learn and express yourself too. So the first step was to search Pinterest for project ideas for toddlers. 

Next, I wrote out all 52 projects and what I needed for each one. I didn’t go into too much detail just enough for the title, materials and brief directions. I included a link when applicable and printed everything out. 

Last, I bought a box to store materials. I searched the house for materials we already owned and picked up remaining materials during the back to school sales. I’ll admit I’ve only collected materials for the first few projects but I’ve got plenty of random items in the box for impromptu projects so if the project I have planned is a flop I have a backup. 



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