Apple cores

Adam was begging to go outside in the 94 degree heat so I thought it was the perfect time to do our Monday art project. Today we made apple cores from paging supermom. I decided to use real apple seeds instead of black dots. The only problem was I couldn’t find the glue. So while Adam painted his apple I made homemade paste from flour and water. I helped Max paint his apple first to model for Adam how to paint his. Remember these aren’t meant to be perfect. It’s more about the experience for kids using the materials than it is about making a perfect project. I decided not to add the leaf to our apples.

1. Make sure you have glue or black paint ready. I’d even suggest gathering materials the night before you plan to do the project.
2. Have an apple and cut up for an after art project snack and show the kids what the core looks like before they do the project.
3. Try using the sponges to paint as the website paging super mom suggests, a paint brush or even skip the paint and use markers.





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