This project is one my cousin taught me to do. In my old school district classroom teachers were required sometimes to teach art, music and or gym every year. Not being trained in any of those this we did the best we could. For me I included the few art projects I was taught in my one semester long elementary art class. The rest of my “projects” were more like crafts. This one included.

How to make a thanksgiving turkey:

Pre prep instructions for the littles: (older kids can do these steps themselves)
You’ll need brown paper
Colored paper
Red and yellow scraps
Orange paper

Take a piece of brown paper and fold in half like a hot dog bun. Then on the fold side draw a question mark shape from the top to the bottom of the paper. Cut this shape out and open in up. This is the head and neck. Next, cut a roundish body out of the second piece of brown paper. Then cut feathers out of the colored paper, a beak out of yellow and a wattle out of red. Last, cut strips for legs from the orange paper and fold accordion style. Last cut feet from orange.

With your child glue the head to the body shortening the neck if desired, glue feathers to the back, attach legs and feet with glue, glue on beak and wattle, and finally draw eyes or use googly eyes or black paper cut in circles.






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